Saturday, July 28, 2012

Stamping with A-England

Hi loves & Happy Saturday. I slept in this morning and it felt SO good to not get up at 5am. My Helmer is all put together and I am loving it, so my Saturday is now wide open to relax and hang out. Hopefully I can enjoy the sun :)

As many of you know, Adina of A-England polishes creates some fantastic beauties, of which I own two (although I partook in her recent sale & have 3 more on the way!). I currently only own 2 holos, and I wanted to see how well they stamped! I decided to see how Dragon stamped, since it's such a beautiful green holo, and so pigmented. This is Dragon over 2 coats of Misa Pay Days Are Happy Days, using konad plate m78.

I love how well this stamped and the holo is so beautiful. And, well, just look at those bottle shots. If you don't own Dragon, I highly suggest you go and snag it, Dragon is £9.00.

Well, that's all for today loves. Hope you enjoy your Saturday & Thanks for reading <3 Hope to hear from 
you in the comments <3


  1. Love this! You're so good at stamping, I never get the sides of my nail!

  2. very pretty! I don't own any A Englands but I so want to!

  3. I'm dying for lots of the a-Englands but I missed her sale! I just bought St. George from Ninja Polish yesterday, but I'm still lusting after Tristam, Lady of the Lake and Galahad.

    Needless to say it was a sad day when I saw I completely missed her sale :(


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