Thursday, July 26, 2012

OPI Ink & Some Matte

Hi loves! I'm writing this out really quick before I go to my grandmother. What can I say, 5am comes early & I like my 8 hrs of solid sleep! Anyways I am SO excited..if you follow me on instagram (@elizabethmegan3) you'll see that I finally got MY HELMER. YAY. This is going to be my weekend project/putting it together/reorganizing. And yes, I will take lots of photos :)

So, a while ago I remember someone (I think Kirsten) saying on twitter that they were wearing matte black polish & how it was seasonally inappropriate and I just had to wear a matte manicure. So, this is OPI Ink, topped with konad plate m64 & Sally Hansen Silver Sweep, and I mattified it using NYC Matte Top Coat.

It was way more duochrome in real life, but my camera did not want to pick that up!

What do you think ladies..dark, mattified manicures summer-appropriate?

Thanks for reading & don't forget to leave a comment if you'd like, I love hearing from you all <3


  1. I love this!! <3 I didn't know that Ink would be so pretty in matte! Gotta try it myself someday!

  2. what a lovely mani very neat

  3. Really gorgeous! Love the stamping!

  4. Love that you used matte in this post ;)

  5. Love this! Somehow the stamping seems to really stand out with this combo and I love it :)

  6. This is a gorgeous stamped manicure! Really love your combo's girl.


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