Saturday, July 7, 2012

Haul Post

Hi loves! How is everyone doing? It's been 4 days since my surgery but I'm still feeling kind of crappy. The pain isn't too badly, I ditched the T3's after thursday but my face is swelling and bruising and I can't eat a lot. And the stitches inside my mouth are grossing me out SO MUCH. This is the first facial surgery I've had and ugh never again do I want to go through this, stitches in your gums are pretty disgusting!

Anyways, it's been a while since I've had a somewhat-serious haul, being unemployed and a student and everything I have been under great restrain, and well, as you know, I'm now employed and I've definitely let loose a bit!

I bought 3 china glazes at Chatters, Grape Pop, Passion and Towel Boy Toy, ones I have always been looking at but never bought (I don't know why!). Then we were in Walmart and Essie was on sale, and since they didn't have Shine of the Times, I snagged Turquoise and Caicos and Lapis of Luxury, then NYC had a 2 for $2, so I bought Sidewalkers and their matte topcoat. The Misa's you already saw, and then finally, thanks to Kim (the amazing woman) behind Overall Beauty, I managed to snatch up 2 Dollish Polishes I was coveting, Team Salavtore and Random Dancing. I was so excited I danced around my room when those two showed up! Now I just need May the Odds Be Ever In Your Favour by Dollish & I'm all set!

It's so fun to haul things although my inner poor student is freaking out a bit!

Thanks for reading lovelies and have an awesome Saturday. I'm going to my boyfriend's brother's 30th birthday party, to which we are supplying a Keg (that I can't drink) BUT still. Fun! <3


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