Monday, July 30, 2012

Comparison Post: China Glaze Man Hunt & Some Blues

Hi loves! Happy Monday! Is everyone watching the Olympics? I'm on afternoons this week & next so I plan on waking up early to watch some events & PVR'ing others that I will have to miss! I love the swimming, gymnastics and track events personally!

So, a few weeks ago I posted swatches of China Glaze Man Hunt from their fall collection, On Safari, and some of you commented that it looked somewhat like OPI Dating A Royal. Since I own Dating A Royal I decided to compare it and just for fun, compare it with China Glaze First Mate.

So first up, just a quick bottle shot of OPI Dating A Royal and China Glaze Man Hunt
Already you can see the differences, Man Hunt is both more vibrant but darker.

As you can see, Dating A Royal is lighter, and First Mate is dustier. I was happy that there are such differences between them, since I hate having dupes! I have not compared Man Hunt with Revlon Royal, but since Man Hunt is a creme and Royal is a jelly, to me they are different in that respect!

What do you think ladies, worth having all 3 of these in your collection or would you be satisfied with just one?

Thanks for reading & hope to hear form you in the comments <3


  1. Ooh lovely thanks. Have OPI DAR and CG MH and not tried either yet. Good to see the distinction as don't fancy dupes either/). Have a real thing for blues at the moment:)

  2. I'm a hoarder so yes, I would probably own all three :-)

  3. Thank goodness that all three are different, now I can justify having them all! Lol

  4. I think I love First mate the best as it is the darkest and less bright then the rest! Great comparison :).


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