Wednesday, July 11, 2012

China Glaze On Safari: Man Hunt

Hi loves & Happy Wednesday! How is everyone today? I'm relishing my last week of vacation before I go back to work, and so I'm taking a trip to London to visit my sister AND finally, Marta! I am so excited to finally meet Marta, I cannot wait to see her infamous stash & her gorgeous nails in real life!

So, after seeing so many swatches of China Glaze On Safari, I hopped on over to Nail Polish Canada to order my picks (plus a few extras!) and they just arrived. For today, I have swatches of Man Hunt, a gorgeous royal blue creme that I am IN love with. It's very reminiscient of China Glaze First Mate, except brighter, or like Revlon Royal but definitely not a jelly! I love this colour, it's so vibrant and shiny. In my swatches I have 2 coats of Man Hunt, no top coat, so you can see the shine. It dries really quickly and has the lovely formula you expect from China Glaze.

This beauty makes me so happy, I am not normally a blue nail polish person, but I will be getting so much wear out of this one!

What do you think loves, will you be picking this colour up? I know it's not the typical "fall" colour, but I like some colour in my fall!

Thanks for reading <3

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  1. This also reminds me of that blue jelly from the China Glaze 2012 neons (the name escapes me right now)!


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