Friday, June 1, 2012

Royal Flakies

Weeee it's Friday lovelies! Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, I napped from like 4:30-8 on Wednesday, then I go to bed at 9pm because I get up at 5am and I need sleep LOL. Anyways, I am looking forward to this weekend, putting a week of work behind me and enjoying sleeping in :)

So I was looking longingly at my bottle of Nfu Oh 51 the other day and I wanted to wear it but I didn't know how..then it hit me...duh, Revlon Royal!!! I missed that bad boy! This is 2 coats of Royal & 1 of 51! I love it...<3

It just glows, doesn't it? It's so beautiful, I loved this combo but it chipped so badly during my first few days at work :(

Anyways, thanks for reading lovelies and have an awesome Friday :) <3


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