Sunday, June 17, 2012

Convocation Manicure

Hello lovely readers!
Sorry that I took an impromptu hiatus from blogging last week. I've had some recent life change ups and I a) didn't really have anything post worthy going on b) didn't feel like it c) couldn't find my old camera!

Anyways I promise this week's post will make up for it!
Last year when I moved to London, I met a fellow blogger, Marta, from Chit Chat Nails who has continued to inspire me and fuel my addiction for nails!
Well last year she did my convocation manicure, so I enlisted her for this year's!! For this look we decided against a neon gradient, with an accent nail (of course!! Marta is LEGENDARY at stamping!)

I used my newly purchased Misa "Bikini with a Martini". Oh MAN! My first ever neon, and I am IN LOVE. It's 2 coats over a coat of white. I would probably use 3 coats for full coverage. Next Marta used a sinful colors of which the name escapes me this moment, but it's a purple neon! Bragging rights to whoever can identify it!  Lastly Marta used a hibiscus flower design from the MASH plates to stamp with Wet'n'Wild Black Creme and some jewels for accents!!
Okay! Now that I've wasted alllllllll this time talking, time for FAR too many photos!! They're not the best quality or most color's much more vivid in person, my camera makes the purple look pink and the red look orange...but that's my camera, it was never the best

My mom thought the polish was air brushed

Most color accurate, but still very off

Trying a Deborah pose ;)

I can't bear for them to chip!!
I hope everyone has a great Father's day, and thanks again Marta for the amazing manicure and catch up session! <3


  1. Aww I always get so shy when people say they are trying "my" pose ♥! It looks great on you too Katy, especially with that wicked manicure!


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