Monday, May 14, 2012

Nfu Oh 51 over Black

Hi lovelies and Happy Monday. Anyone do anything exciting this weekend? I hope you all spent time with your moms this past sunday! We had a nice family dinner saturday night, then breakfast, presents & then dinner at my grandmother's on sunday! It was really nice!

I was bored the other day and wanted something simple, so I decided on China Glaze Liquid Leather, but that was too boring on it's own, so I threw a coat of Nfu Oh 51 over top! I love the flakies, and how in the bottle it's so purple, but over black it's red with green or gold hints! So pretty :)

There ya have it! Short & Sweet, just how I like my Monday's!

Thanks for reading <3


  1. Lol I did nearly the same thing the other day. I'm wearing 51 over black too! So funny just before I read your blog I was staring at my nails in the sun outside. So busted!! 0_o rofl

  2. Ooooh this looks HAWT on you girl! I la-la-love Nfu Oh 51 ♥.

  3. I love the looks of layering flakies over black- very pretty!


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