Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Nail Polish Canada Konad Plate Review

Hi loves & Happy Tuesday! How is everyone? Today I'm going back to the school I did my teaching placement at to help out with an event they organized. It's 4 hours of sports & food so hopefully it's fun!

Today I have a review of a Konad plate that Michelle from Nail Polish Canada so kindly offered me. I love their site, I've used them a few times, including all my Hunger Games polishes and I am really impressed with their services. They've expanded their site so much, they have so many nail polish brands, top coats, treatments, nail art and now Konad plates. Michelle let me choose one of Konad's new plates, and I chose M86, a french tip plate.
As you can see, it has several sizes of french tips, plus a really cute tip design in the middle (I can't wait to try that out!). The plate worked really well, it is an authentic konad plate, so I had no issues with the engraving of the design. I just did a basic french with China Glaze White Cap, but I like how easily I could create this look.

I know not everyone is a fan of the french manicure look, but I love it and I definitely can't wait to use this plate with other colours!

The beauty of ordering Konad plates from Nail Polish Canada is that Konad plates ship free to ANYWHERE in Canada, you don't have to have a minimum order, but they also contribute towards Nail Polish Canada's deal of free shipping over $29 to anywhere in Canada, so it's pretty much win/win. They have great service and it takes just a few days to get your order, and they had such a wide selection. They also sell Konad starter kits, stampers and scrapers and Konad special polish. So run over there and start shopping!

Thanks for reading guys & let me know what you think of the manicure & Nail Polish Canada :) <3


  1. You stamp it perfectly but this shape of french manicure is a big no for me. Reminds me of those ugly fake nails with this ultra white tip. ;D

  2. I gotta say that I really had no idea what to use those designs for! Thank you for clearing that up for me! I love a nice classic french and the little sparkle you added is a nice touch!


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