Monday, May 7, 2012

Bottle Spam

Hi loves! I'm a little behind in manicures, because I have been so lazy lately! Also my right hand is being a disaster, and I know you all never see it, but it depresses me, it's always peeling and I don't know why :( So sometimes I just hate painting my nails when I know 1 hand will look fantastic and the other will look crappy.

I won a giveaway over at Steffels which was so exciting, because it was polishes I wouldn't normally own! I won Lynnderella Lucky Numbers, Etude House BL505 (I believe) Sasatinne, and Catherine Arley 675!
I can't wait to wear these, they look so fun!

Thanks for reading <3


  1. OMG I can't believe you won Lucky Numbers! Lucky Lady lol :)

  2. Congrats! You got some really pretty polishes. Lucky Numbers has been on my wishlist like forever ;)


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