Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Purple Circles

Hola loves! Happy Wednesday, how's everyone's week going? I'm definitely looking forward to Friday that's for sure. Yesterday there was a family of raccoon in the plant, and OMG they were adorable, but it was really sad to see the mom get separated from her babies, they kept falling off the rafters into our work area & she was afraid to come near them. She rescued them all later (my heart melted).

Anyways, I was looking for something dark the other day, so I grabbed ASK Cosmetics Oh So Aubergine, and stamped using China Glaze Liquid Leather and BM plate 206. I think it looks pretty neat, subtle, but still I like it!

Yes the last picture is with flash but I really wanted to show how the design looks ontop of Oh So Aubergine.

What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading <3

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gotta Love Dupes

Hi my wonderfuls! How is everyone? I'm slowly adjusting to the working day. The job is definitely different than what I am used to. However, so far, my nails don't seem to be an, as long as I don't get too tired these days, I'm going to grow them back out, and crazy patterns/colours galore!

So, anyways, I was feeling a little depressed after I filed my nails down the other what else do you do to cheer yourself up...the answer is always glitter. I put 3 coats of Revlon Facets of Fuschia, otherwise known as the Lippmann Bad Romance dupe. I love it..satisfies my lemming! I think I got a little over zealous filing my ring & pinky..but..still, glitter!


Thanks for reading <3

Monday, May 28, 2012

Purple and Silver Mish Mash

Happy Monday my dears. This is my first day at work, today I'm only in from 8:30am-2:30pm, but Tuesday-Friday, I'll be working the 6:30am-2:30, definitely will be a change. I think I'll be a little sleepy this week. Hopefully the afternoons would be nice, so I can nap in the sun haha!

So, these are previous long nails, they're a lot shorter now. I used a base of China Glaze Tantalize Me, and stamped with Sally Hansen Silver Sweep. I used Konad plate m79 on my index, OPI Crown Me Already on my middle finger, BM 205 on my ring and BM 20 on my pinky. Silver Sweep didn't want to stamp nicely but whatever. It's kind of what I like to call a hot mess I love, or I guess some people call it a skittle manicure. I just had too many ideas...

Anyways, thanks for reading <3

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Blues

Hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend!

I am so excited that summer is hereeeee! Well just how nice the weather is, I'm LOVING it!

I sported a couple of looks this week, put on my favourite red, Zoya Sooki..I LOVE that shade!
But the one have for you this week is a few old favourites. I wore 2 coats of China Glaze's For Audrey, and then added an accent finger of Zoya's Charla. Love love love them! :)

Just a nice easy manicure for the busy whirlwind week and weekend I've been having! 

Such a nice clean blue

too bad there was no sun

Love this bottle
Well hope everyone is enjoying the weather see you next week! <3

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pink Hawaii

Hi lovelies, Happy Saturday! What is everyone doing Saturday? I'm enjoying some sun and just loving life! I got a job, and I'll be starting Monday, I got a job at GM, the car manufacturer, I'll be in their truck plant on the assembly line. It sounds so hilarious when I write that or tell people, because if you saw me, you'd laugh. I'm 5"1, 95 not a person you'd assume to work in general labour. That being said, I have to buy steel-toed boots and I found PINK ones, ahhh! I want them!

Anyways, transitioning to my post, side note, I filed my nails down because I'm not sure if they'll interfere with the job, so I'll let them be short for a bit until I get used to it. Anyways, I'm going to a birthday party tonight and I wanted to have super fun nails and super summery, so I used a base of Sally Hansen Whirlwind White, and stamped using BM plate 225 and China Glaze Pool Party, and I LOVE how this turned out. This colour, ahhh, love love love. I'll stop saying that word..but yes. LOVE.

This is a little darker on the nails than it photographed, but I struggled to capture the colour where it wasn't glowing on my nails SO...yeah. Anyways, I LOVE it. Yeah, end of story.

I hope you all have a fantastic Saturday dollfaces!

Thanks for reading <3

Friday, May 25, 2012

A manicure revisited

Happy Friday, how is everyone? Can I just say that I just watched Mrs. Eastwood and Company, and I LOVE it. It's my new obsession...which is many, because, Hi, I'm a reality tv whore. Terrible, I know.

So, after neon and splatter and all the chaos on my nails lately, I needed a refresher. I was sitting around thinking about what manicure or what pattern I loved best, and I settled on my lace nails manicure, because I always wanted to do it with a nude base, and NEVER did. Why? I don't know..crack? Yeah, no words. So I used Cult Nails Crusin' Nude, and China Glaze Liquid Leather, BM 221 and Konad M57. Also, ignore the neon orange in the crack of my ring finger..that refused to remove itself. Don't ask how much acetone I used...

Do you like the nude look?

Thanks for reading <3 Happy Friday :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Splatter

Weee it's Thursday! Almost time for the weekend and I can't wait. I don't have any huge plans but I might go into Toronto to see my sister and maybe shop. What about the rest of you, anything awesome?

So, the I missed you. I needed to do one, and this one I feel is particularly epic! I started with a base of Sally Hansen White on White, then splattered with Orly Blue Collar, China Glaze Sun Worshipper, China Glaze Liquid Leather and China Glaze Shocking Pink. I LOVE the outcome. LOVE.

I love that the Blue Collar and Sun Worshipper turn green in some spots!

What do you think?

Thanks for reading <3

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Butterflies

Hiya kids! Happy Wednesday, another day of gorgeous weather here, I am loving that summer seems to have come on full force!

I wanted something pretty and as usual, I needed some neons to make it summer appropriate. I have never used the butterfly image from BM plate 205, and so I stamped it over Sally Hansen Whirlwind White, using China Glaze Shocking Pink, Sun Worshipper and Turned up Turquoise!

It actually ended up a little more pastel looking than I wanted, maybe I should have used Japanese Koi & Pool Party instead..hmm, what do you all think?

Thanks for reading <3

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sasatinne Black Holo

Hi loves and Happy Tuesday! How is everyone? I'm good, enjoying that I got a nice tan and had a relaxing weekend this past long weekend! I hope everyone else enjoyed their days as well!

So this is the last of my giveaway polishes from Steff! I don't know anything about this brand, but I love this polish, it's black with holographic glitter in it. It dries gritty, but dries pretty quickly so I didn't use a topcoat!

But it's so pretty! I love the holo glitter, I didn't feel like I captured it appropriately but it's definitely love <3

Thanks for reading <3

Monday, May 21, 2012

Peacock Inspired

Hi loves & Happy Monday! Today is a holiday in Canada and this weekend had fantastic weather! I love it, I've been outside enjoying the sun and it's lovely!

So you all might have heard of this recent trend..the gradient manicure? I tried it, I fail, I suck..but that doesn't stop me from coveting other people's nails! I saw this one at The Polished Perfectionist (I know, another one from her, but her nails are AWESOME). I tried really hard to make this gradient work, but couldn't get it to work. So I compromised, I used BB Couture Maleficent Magenta on my nails, then BM 212 stamped with a Sally Hansen Chrome Pen in gold, and on my ring fingers, dotted with Zoya Ivanka. This was GORGEOUS, and in the sun...beautiful.

Welll what do you think?

Enjoy your Monday & Thanks for reading <3

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Holiday Weekend Nails!

Hello everyone!
Hope everyone had an excellent weekend and to my lovely Canadian friends, I hope you're still enjoy the last days of our long weekend! Yay for May 24!
I have to apologize, I thought I had a blog post set up for last Sunday disappeared? Maybe I dreamed posting it or something...who knows!

Anyways today you get two for the price of one! I will be showing you the lovely A Crewed Interest from Essie as well as some nail art that I did for the long weekend since I was heading to a cottage!
I have to warn you, I have been moisturizing my cuticles night and day but I don't know if its my new place or what, they ALWAYS look hands are always's very weird.

Here is A Crewed Interest, 2 coats, topped with Seche Vite
In the shade

love this color

Next up I was feeling fancy so I did some nail art. I used Whirlwind white, 2 coats, then taped half my nail and using Finger Paints Cerulean Seascape to stamp leopard print. I then used a pink striper brush to finish it off and added glitter as an accent.

before the final touches

It looks cuter in person ;)

the glitter looks better in person as well

It's not the best nail are but I was having some fun so we'll see what I come up with next week.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Springtime Green

Hi lovelies. Happy Thursday! 1 more Day and it's the weekend. This weekend is a long weekend for us in Canada, so I'm looking forward to relaxing and some sunshine!

So, the other day I saw this lovely manicure and I knew I had to recreate it. So I used China Glaze Starboard and konad plate m64, and used Zoya Ivanka to dot with! I love how fresh it looks!

Thanks for reading loves <3

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Catherine Arley #675

Happy Tuesday my wonderfuls! How is everyone? I am so sore, my mom forced me to learn how to mow my lawn yesterday and my lawnmower is heavy. And guess what, I still have to mow it again today because it was so long, we could barely cut it! *Sigh* unemployed life is not fun lol!

One of the other polishes that I won from Steff is a Catherine Arley. I saw these YEARS ago on Emerald Sparkled and I DIED. They were gorgeous polishes, and I was DYING for #676 but it's really hard to get these here in Canada..I still have no idea if I actually can, so I was resigned to the fact that I'd never own one. Well, now that I have one, I want MOAR. I love this's a light pink holo..and well I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

 So gorgeous right? I'll have to see if I can get my hands on some others! I love the summertime..sunshine loves holos!

Thanks for reading loves <3

Monday, May 14, 2012

Nfu Oh 51 over Black

Hi lovelies and Happy Monday. Anyone do anything exciting this weekend? I hope you all spent time with your moms this past sunday! We had a nice family dinner saturday night, then breakfast, presents & then dinner at my grandmother's on sunday! It was really nice!

I was bored the other day and wanted something simple, so I decided on China Glaze Liquid Leather, but that was too boring on it's own, so I threw a coat of Nfu Oh 51 over top! I love the flakies, and how in the bottle it's so purple, but over black it's red with green or gold hints! So pretty :)

There ya have it! Short & Sweet, just how I like my Monday's!

Thanks for reading <3

Friday, May 11, 2012

Etude House BL505

Happy Friday, how is everyone? I am hoping by the end of today I will have a job. I am really desperate right now. I think I have talked about this forever and on twitter, but I'm sorry. I'm poor guys! LOL

So, here's another one of the beauties I won in Steff's awesome giveaway, Etude House BL505, which in my mind I keep calling Etude House Blue..I don't know why. It is a SERIOUSLY gorgeous polish, dark blue glass fleck, and in low lights it has hints of purple and even gold sometimes, neither of which I couldn't capture. I only wore this for a few hours, because my topcoat, which is old, cracked and shrank this manicure horribly. But, it was pretty while it lasted!

Look at that glow from within! Yum! Thanks Steff, I LOVE this one. LOVE LOVE LOVE <3

Thanks for reading lovelies <3

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lynnderella Lucky Numbers

Hi loves, sorry I've been slacking a bit. I'm trying to find a summer job/apply to teaching jobs for the fall. It's annoying, although hopefully by the end of the week I will have something!

Anyways, as I showed you, I won a Lynnderella in a giveaway from Stef, she LOVES Lynnderella's so she clearly wanted to give one away to people. I received Lucky Numbers which is red and black square, hex, and bar glitter in a clear base. I layered it overtop of Sally Hansen Whirlwind White and OPI Vodka & Caviar. Ignore the smudging in the photos below.

I have to say, I'm not the world's largest fan of Lynnderella's, lots of drama around the brand, and I'm not overly in love with layering glitters, this one especially. I prefer her thicker, more square glitter. I think I might have to wear it again to see if I like it.

What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading lovely <3

Monday, May 7, 2012

Bottle Spam

Hi loves! I'm a little behind in manicures, because I have been so lazy lately! Also my right hand is being a disaster, and I know you all never see it, but it depresses me, it's always peeling and I don't know why :( So sometimes I just hate painting my nails when I know 1 hand will look fantastic and the other will look crappy.

I won a giveaway over at Steffels which was so exciting, because it was polishes I wouldn't normally own! I won Lynnderella Lucky Numbers, Etude House BL505 (I believe) Sasatinne, and Catherine Arley 675!
I can't wait to wear these, they look so fun!

Thanks for reading <3

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Essie Saturday

Hey Everyone and Happy Sunday  Saturday! (Oops, I posted this early...It's Saturday not, Sunday...)
Did everyone celebrate Cinco de Mayo? 
Today I have two Essie polishes to show you. One is Little Brown Dress, a polish I've shown here before.
Below is 2 coats, and then I was trying to make a green eggs and ham theme, but my green eggs turned out to look like flowers so...I just left it. I used Sally Hansen Grass Slipper and Zoya Pippa for the egg/flower.

definitely doesn't look like an egg...

in the shade
Next I have Essie's Navigate her, from the current spring collection. This is two coats. I love this color!!

so pretty!

Slight lobster hands

Gotta love spring greens!
Well that's all I have for today, hopefully next week I can start doing something exciting for all of you ;) <3

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