Sunday, March 4, 2012

Butter London Pretties!

Hello loves <3
It's the end of my reading week which means back to school! But crazily enough I only have 5 weeks until exams! ACK! So much left to do it seems!
Anyways I have some Butter London polishes for you. Yes, I am late to the game with Butter London but I got these two for my birthday from both my brother and my sister, I've been coveting both for awhile now!
This is 3 coats of All Hail the Queen (because a few of my nails were balding)
Sorry about the teeny tiny nails, they're in transition.

This color is AMAZING in the sun, so SHIMMERY!

Such an awesome neutral on my gross nubbins

Love the color, it didnt seem too dark on my hands, almost naked looking

And then I made this a GIANT FAILLLLLLLLLLL! I stamped it with an image from plate M03 and WOW. This is ugly. ugly ugly ugly. I hated it on the first nail. Then the second and it never got better. WHY DID I RUIN THIS MANICURE?!?!?! sigh. Here are some pictures. Warning, it's ugly.

Ugh. Disgusting. I make a point of showing most things I do, even if they are sometimes ugly...this one, I shouldn't have posted it. Oh well! Trial and error right?
On a side note, I bought a dotting tool and I've pre-ordered some of the Colors from the Capitol Collection. I still need to get my hands on some OPI Holland collection, but they aren't selling out so I've been waiting. Hopefully soon I'll have some rhinestones and maybe I'll have less ugly fails like the one above! Happy Sunday lovers <3

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  1. I have All Hail The Queen, too but it is still in my untrieds drawer. Need to pull it out soon because it looks like a pretty nude polish!


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