Monday, February 20, 2012

Purple Birthday Manicure

My lovelies! I am back, finally. You don't understand how much I have missed you. I didn't wear nail polish for about a week, and it was so difficult! My nails are recovering nicely, however, as you will see in the photos my ring finger (which suffered the most damage) is still MAJORLY short, but it has a small amount of free edge which is amazing to me!

Anyways, it was mine and Katy's birthday on Saturday and even though one would assume I'd go for something flashy, I was just drawn to a simple pattern, from BM 203. I used a base of Ulta Cocktails Anyone? and stamped it with China Glaze Light As Air. In the pictures, it looks sort of patchy, although in real life  I thought it looked nicer and very subtle!

Also, please ignore my index finger cuticle...we had a little incident and it was massacred :(

I liked this, although I really want to get back to wearing some blingy manicures. I just really need my ring finger to grow out a bit !

Anyways, glad to be back lovelies, hope you enjoyed Katy's manicures & my two lovely guest posters while I was recovering<3


  1. Aww look at that cute cute ringfinger nail! I wanna hug it!


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