Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blue Polka Dots

Hi loves! How's everyone's Hump Day going? I am literally writing this as I'm making my lunch to go off to teach! My week is a little jam-packed, since we had a holiday on Monday (family), and last friday was a P.A. day for the students at my school, so two 4 day weeks in a row makes for cramming a lot of teaching into less days!

Anyways, whenever I am bored or not sure what to do with my nails, I have a couple of go-to sets of plates. One is m57 and the other is m79. I love polka dots, and usually those are what I end up picking. It was grey and rainy the other day, so I wanted to match the outside mood. I used Dr. Remedy's Healing Heather Grey and stamped the polka dot image with my konad special polish in light blue.

I really, really want my nails to grow faster. It bugs me that they are uneven!!! But the polka dots were cute, I wore them for about 3 days!

Thanks for reading loves <3


  1. Those are two very complimentary colors :) I totally get you with the uneven-ness. my nails are like that right now too!

  2. I like the colours you used! Dots ♥

  3. Subtle and pretty! The gray and blue go well together!

  4. This color combo is so cute and subtle, love it!


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