Friday, August 19, 2011

Storage Spam, aka my new Melmer! *Warning, Pic Heavy!*

 Happy Friday everyone! 

Today I wanted to show you my adventure in storage, which of course involves some bottle/storage spam!

When I first started collection nail polish, I was storing it all in one small plastic shoe box. Eventually it moved to 3 plastic shoe boxes, and then it moved to a 1 drawer in a rolling storage cart & 3 shoe boxes. However, soon I outgrew that solution.

So I decided I needed a Melmer!

Here is my rolling cart/3 shoe boxes/basket of random nail care odds & ends!

So, Melmer was purchased at Michael's. (FYI It's not actually named a Melmer!)

 The instructions say it takes 15 minutes to put together...not so much

I was doing so well, until this point..then I put the 2nd drawer on and noticed there was a problem...
I struggled for a good 20 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong...then some lovelies on twitter said to try flipping the box, then putting in the drawers...DUH I am dumb. It was upside down. You would never know which side was top or bottom, but clearly I failed...building..I'm doing it wrong.
Anyways, 2nd drawer in successfully and I continued
Tah-Dah! Now onto organizing my polish. I am kind of a freak, and I sort by brand, and within brand it's by colour and within colour it's darkest to lightest. I don't know why but I do that with my clothes too!
 China Glaze & OPI Drawer
Randoms drawer
Odds & Ends/Konad/Nail Care/Nail Art drawer

I love my melmer and I love that it holds so many polishes. Both my China Glaze/OPI drawer and my miscellaneous drawer have room for roughly 15-20 more polishes, then I still have the bottom drawer to fill up, so lots of space left, which is awesome!

So lovelies, what do you think? Also, how can I decorate my's kind of boring! Suggestions?

Thanks for reading :)<3


  1. I love your controlfreak stash organisation <3. Normally I have the same urges but I try not to be too uptight about my stash organisation or I would be putting everything straight every day ;)!

  2. awesome post! i can't wait to try a melmer...eventually. lol

  3. I love stash and storage posts! I have two melmers and they are amazing. It makes me happy to see all the bottles lined up and with similarly shaped ones haha. You should get some shelf liner for your drawers which will keep everything from sliding around :)

  4. Love it! Got my melmer last month and am SO happy I did

  5. I really love this. I need to go to Michaels and take a look at it. Can you tell me how much it is?

  6. I love it! The melmers are so handy. I'm glad you decided to get it.

  7. Aww, I have a Melmer too and I love it! After I spent 40 minutes cursing while trying to put it together we finally came to an understanding. ;p

    I put that squishy foam material drawer liner in mine so my polishes wouldn't slide around. :)

  8. Yay polish storage! I just bought a Helmer last weekend and am trying to figure out how to make it look less boring too. I might use magnets and treat it like a fridge since it's metal. I saw a blog post somewhere with instructions for decorating Melmer drawers with scrapbook paper and Modge Podge though.


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