Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Zoya Layla

Happy Pink Wednesdays

Hi loves! Today I've pulled a pink out of my stash that I have actually worn before on my blog, it was one of the first polishes I ever wore on this blog. Please, do NOT go back and look at my first post on it...a disgrace to zoya and this pretty polish I think, but we all have to start somewhere!

Zoya Layla is a creamy darker neon pink, almost along the same lines of China Glaze Pool Party, they might actually be dupes, but I will have to do a comparison to show you. Now, since it's a neon, it does not want to photograph correctly, although I colour tweaked my photos a bit and I think I have Layla reflected correctly.

This is two coats of Layla and 1 coat of SV!

Then, because I'm on a bit of a stamping kick, I decided to try out China Glaze Liquid Leather as a black stamping polish, and can I just mention that after using this stamp, I realized how TINY my nailbed is? I used this flower stamp from plate BM 12

but take a look at the image on all my nail beds....I barely got the 4 bigger flowers on each nail, let alone the 3 little ones, even on my thumbs I only managed 1 little flower!

My tiny nail beds aside, China Glaze Liquid Leather is a pretty good stamping polish, again not as super black/pigmented like Wet n Wild Black Creme, but like Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris it gets darker with topcoat added. However, it is more of a brown-toned black than Ebony Hates Chris which almost has a green tone to the black.

Well, What do you think? This is one of my fav zoya pinks, probably because it's so bright and you all know how I can't resist a good neon! Thanks for reading lovelies and don't forget to wear pink on wednesday!  Hope to chat with you all in the comments :) <3


  1. really nice pink and such a good job on the stamping!

  2. Love it! I just got a set of 25 BM plates and I'm making myself do chores before I do a new mani.
    The advantage to small nail beds is that you can make single image plates work as a full nail plate!

  3. I think this is gorgeous! I like how the pink pops and how cute the flower design is!

  4. Very cute!!! damn I want my old BM plates to arrive in the mail... i'm starting to feel like they are lost forever in the aftermath of the postal strike we had :(

  5. I'm jealous your images transferred so well! Zoya Layla is such a nice color.


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