Sunday, July 31, 2011

Charla Revisted

Hey Y'all! I'm cottaging with Liz this weekend and our fam so I hope you're all enjoying the weekend!
so Elizabeth already reviewed Zoya's Charla, which you can see here which I wore as an accent over one of my favourite colors, China Glaze's Shower Together. I've never shown it here in a full mani (I KNOW! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME) so here it is!! I did 2 coats of shower together, with 2 coats of Charla over top on my ring fingers.

lalalalalala loveeee
glitter glitter glitter!
(yes it looks like 2 identical pictures...)

Very pretty and so fun! Charla is such a mermaid color! And by wearing it over top of color I didn't have staining issues at ALL like Elizabeth had the first time, so make a mental note folks!
I hope you all love this combo as much as I did! My favourite movie is the little mermaid and these colors SCREAM mermaid tails!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

OPI Crown Me Already

Good morning my dears! Hope you're all enjoying your saturday! I'm away at a cottage this weekend & loving it!

I hope you're all ready for some blingtasticness, so shield your eyes, because today I have OPI Crown Me Already from the Miss Universe collection. 

Can I just say that I L-O-V-E this polish? I mean, what's not to love, silver glitter with multi-sized hex glitter, a glitter that is almost opaque in 1 coat? A glitter that looks like disco balls on your nails?

Anyways, I'm getting carried away. Crown Me Already was the only polish from this collection that really called out to me, so when I saw that it was in at my local beauty store, I snagged it and I was not disappointed. 

I tried so many ways to photograph it in the sun but it was so hard, it's SO blingy! And I loved it. The glitter/sparkle/magpie whore in me was so happy. I stared at my nails forever, and everyone else made fun of me, oh well!

This is in the shade so you can see the texture/different sizes of glitter in the polish. Also, ignore the pink flash/reflection, it's my camera LOL

SO sparkly, right? I seriously recommend that everyone goes out and buys this polish. NOW. It's awesome. You know my New Year's Eve Manicure, and probably birthday manicure will have this polish in it (yes I plan that far ahead...don't you?! LOL)

I am still contemplating whether or not to buy Swimsuit...Nailed it! because I don't have any blues like that...but we'll see!

Thanks for reading loves! <3

Friday, July 29, 2011

Some kind of Animal...

Hey my wonderfuls and Happy Friday!

Today I am sporting a manicure that the awesome Landa, of Bright Lights,Big Color wore, which you can see here and the tutorial she posted here. Man, I love it. When she first posted this manicure, I died. It's SO CUTE!

Now I didn't have all the same colour polishes that L did, but I tried to imitate it the best I could.
I used Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, Sally Hansen Green with Envy, Nicole by OPI My Lifesaver, China Glaze Papaya Punch, Sephora for OPI Caliente Coral, China Glaze Ahoy, China Glaze Senorita Bonita, China Glaze Coconut Kiss, Wet n Wild Black Creme and China Glaze Fairy Dust, and konad plate m57. (*whew*)

Can I just say..I love this manicure but eff man..I hate sponging LOL.
BUT, I still love it. 

Also quick reminder, if you haven't entered my giveaway, it closes in 6 days! 
What do you guys think? Thanks for reading <3

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Watermarble Tutorial

Good Morning! 

Yesterday I showed you what I considered to be my first *successful* watermarble and so today I have a little tutorial for you!

First, gather all your supplies together. I use both a pencil and a pin to draw my design in the polish but you can use an orange stick, pointy toothpick, whatever! Also, make sure you have a cup of room temperature filtered water, and even a few extra cups in case your water gets really dirty!

The polishes I am using are base of Sally Hansen Insta Dri Whirlwind White, Orly Blue Collar and Orly Frolic. 

Next paint your nails your base colour and let dry, or add your quickdry topcoat.

Then tape off your nails. I didn't take a picture of this step, but you place a small piece of tape above your cuticle, and then a longer piece so that it covers the left side of your nail, under your free edge and wraps around to the right side of your nail.

The start dropping your polish into the cup to make your polish rings. You will want to keep the caps off your bottles of polish and work quickly.

When you are satisfied with the amount of rings in the cup, the polish should look like this

Next using whatever drawing tool you choose, draw a design in the polish. I find it is easier if I start a few rings in toward the centre from the outside and drag across. 

Slowly lower your nail into your design, keeping your nail even and make sure it is at an angle, so that your whole nail gets the design. (See how its taped?)

When you pull your nail out, it will look like this

When you are ready to take your nail out of the cup, take a qtip and remove all the polish from the surface of the water, first from around your nail (be sure not to touch nail), and then from the rest of the water

When you remove the tape, your nails will look like this

I clean up using both qtips and my clean up brush.

And voila! A watermarble manicure!

I didn't try to draw any complex designs, however you can draw and assortment of lines to make different styles of designs for your nails

And my space when it's over

Thanks for reading my dears and I hope this tutorial helped! It is a lot of trial and error, it definitely took a few times for me to get the hang of it, and I'm still learning & practicing!If you have a question, don't hesistate to ask, and I'll try to answer them, or maybe do another tutorial or add to some of the steps if you're having problems!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Color Club In the Teal Press Release!


OCRF and Super Saturday Teal to Benefit the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund

New York, NY – July 2011 Color Club, a New York based cosmetic brand specializing in nail and lip products announced today a limited edition nail polish collection developed exclusively for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund (OCRF).  The new shades – OCRF and Super Saturday Teal – are sophisticated yet playful teal blue shades created exclusively for OCRF and Super Saturday 14. The polishes will be available beginning in July 2011 as part of the OCRF Super Saturday 14 event and sold though September 2011, which is Ovarian Cancer Research month. The polishes are available on and 10% of all proceeds will benefit OCRF. Color Club is also the official nail sponsor of Super Saturday 14 and will be offering manicures and nail art at the event on July 30, 2011 in the Hamptons.

Color Club is renowned for its high performance rich shades and exceptionally safe products. All nail colors are vegan, Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP and paraben-free - and made in New York, NY with the best raw materials. Color Club products are made in the USA and are not tested on animals. Products are available at

Super Saturday Teal (right)
OCRF Teal (left)

Color Club is a nail polish brand developed by Forsythe Cosmetic Group.  Founded in 1979, the Forsythe Cosmetic Group is a New York-based cosmetic company widely regarded worldwide as a pioneer within the professional beauty industry. A global brand with products represented in more than 95 countries, Forsythe was one of the first companies to recognize and address the needs of the professional nail salon, a new phenomenon at the time. Rather quickly, the Forsythe name became synonymous with excellent, performance-proven products available in a diverse range of eye-catching shades. Today, more than three decades later, the Forsythe Cosmetic Group remains a vanguard in the beauty business by constantly introducing new concepts and elevating industry standards. Forsythe manufactures every product it offers, a practice that ensures superior color-matching quality control and the ability to respond quickly to consumer demands for the latest and most exciting trends in nail color, nail treatments and lip color.

For additional information on OCRF please visit
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Pink Wednesday Watermarble!

Happy Wednesday My Loves!

Today I have something that I have not shown a lot of on my blog: Watermarbles. I consider it my nemesis because it generally outsmarts me and my watermarbles fail...terribly.

BUT my lacquered loves, today I have conquered the watermarble and I have successfully gotten my technique down pat!

I used OPI You're A Pisa Work and Orly Blue Collar, ontop of a base of Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Whirwind white!

My first few nails (i.e. pinky, ring and middle) I literally was just trying to make sure it marbled/my "design" stayed while I put my nail in the cup. But then, I got adventerous with my pointer finger and Voila! a design that actually looks cool! SO..I say success!

I made a tutorial about how I watermarble, and that'll be up tomorrow :)

Thanks for reading lovelies and don't forget to check out On Wednesdays We Wear Pink and tweet your Pink Wednesday manis to @PinkWednesday!

Thanks for reading lovelies <3

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

China Glaze Tantalize Me

Hey hey heyyyyyy everyone! How's it hanging? I'm feeling kind of blah lately, so I've been doing my nails lots to cheer myself up. and eating a lot of junk food which is probably TERRIBLE for me, but it's so tasty!

Anyways LOL, China Glaze Tantalize Me was a polish that my lovahhhhhhhh, Kirsten sent me in a package a while back but I only just got around to trying it. It's so pretty guys! It's a light purple with a hint of blue flash to it! I love this shade of purple and I have found that I'm really craving softer colours like this lately!

I wanted to do some subtle stamping, so I used China Glaze Coconut Kiss which is a sheer-ish shimmer and plate m64, and I really like how it turned out. This design was one of my favourites when I first found out about konad plates and I was so happy to use it!

What do you guys think? I love this polish, it will definitely be on my toes often!

Thanks for reading loves <3

Monday, July 25, 2011

Wet n Wild Fuchsiarama-Me No Likey...

Hi lovelies! Today I have a polish to show you that I don't reaaaaally love.

 It saddens me, because I thought I would love it, but too many strikes against it. The new Wet n Wild bottles have a REALLY wonky brush, which I have used and I was okay with, until now. This polish formula combined with the brush, UGH. Do NOT want. I was SO messy when I was painting, I couldn't help it. Their brush when in use is wider than all my nail beds and it smushes and ugh. Terrible. I had nail polish all over me! Clean up was a bish!

And, the colours was much dustier than it looked in the I think I am going to save it to franken with, or empty it and use the bottle to franken with. Yuck.

Anways, I tried to save Fuchsiarama by stamping it with my new MASH plates that just came in the mail (*squeeee*! So excited about this, but more later!) and so I used this swirly image from plate m63. It didn't really save it, so I took it off right after pictures. Such a disappointment.

I think I will be a little wary of the new set of WnW bottles, I have Ebony Hates Chris and Sagreena The Teenage Witch, and I don't hate them..but ugh. This one sucked. Also sorry this photo is kind of terrible and not my usual, my camera must know I hated it and didn't want a good photo! LOL

Sorry for the negativity! I was so disappointed in this one. Anyone have any suggestions of WnW polishes so they can redeem themselves in my eyes? Or do you agree with me?!

ALSO! Today is Landa fromBright Lights Big Color, please wish her a Happy Birthday. She is a fantastic person, with a HUGE heart. And she makes awesome cookies. Love you L, and Happy Birthday!

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have a wonderful day! <3

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekly Blogger Roundup: July 17th-23rd

Good morning my loves & Happy Sunday!

Today I have the newest edition of the weekly blogger round up for you! Please check these ladies out as they are awesome, and have some great things to show you!

Week of July 17th-23rd

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Thanks for reading lovelies! <3

A Random Burgundy

Hello my fellow polish lovers!
Today I have for you Rimmel's 60 second polish #340 "Torrid" a lovely burgundy wine color.
I bought this color when I was just starting out with nail polish and I wore it immediately on a night out, took pictures and then never posted. Let me tell you, this polish is amazing! I wore it after trying out a few polishes, this one is barely 2 coats (some nails might have only been 1) and it did actually take 60 seconds to dry. Way to go Rimmel!
So here are a few quick pictures for y'all to check out, and don't mind the fact that THEY SUCK (more so than usual) because they're from my first week!

Love this color!
a one coater? no way!
obviously I L-O-V-E vampy polish
my pinkie looks weird...

Thanks Rimmel for once again proving to me you have awesome formulas and even without your new kick ass brushes I still love you. I hope this company comes out with some new colors as I think I have almost the whole core line! Hope you enjoy this and let me know if you like/dislike Rimmel and what your favourite color is!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Joe Fresh Peacock

Good morning my dears!  How's everyone doing these days?

Today I have another Joe Fresh polish, one of the ones you can win in my giveaway!  They are so awesome! I definitely need to get some more of these bad boys!

Joe Fresh Peacock is a deep teal polish, leaning a bit more on the blue side. It has some beautiful shimmer, and in the bottle there are hints of blue/purple flash but sadly it doesn't show up on the nail :(

Peacock definitely leans really blue on me, there was not a lot of teal to be found BUT it's still gorgeous nonetheless!

I LOVED this polish, I wore it for like 5 days, no chipping. I don't know if that's typical for most people BUT it made me so happy. AND, its 3/$10 so how can you go wrong! I love that they're Canadian only, so if any of you international ladies get your hands on these, consider yourself lucky!

Thanks for reading my dears and have an awesome day! & don't forget to swing by my facebook page  for pictures, or to just chat with me <3

Friday, July 22, 2011

Zoya Ivanka

My loves! How is everyone this morning?

Today I have a polish that I bought solely because Kirsten hounded my ass about learning to love greens and how  could I not own this polish! Well my dear, now I do! 

Zoya Ivanka is a gorgeous bright green glass fleck sparkle and I LOVE IT. I have to say Zoya does the glass fleck finish so well! It's beautiful.

In the photos, I know, there is a piece of cotton fluff on my nail..I'm sorry! It was a rebel and I couldn't remove it no matter how hard I tried.

 This green is so pretty and sparkly! I love it. I can't wait for christmas, it will be over used then and you guys will HATE it LOL. If you don't own this, RUN and get it!

Thanks for reading lovelies, and hope to chat with you in the comments <3

Thursday, July 21, 2011

6 Month Blogoversary Giveaway! **CLOSED***

My lovelies! Thank you so much for following me, reading all my posts and commenting for the last 6 months! You've all been awesome!

To thank you all, I have a giveaway for you!

There will be one winner, and they will win 6 Joe Fresh Polishes!!

From Left to Right: Peacock, Gunmetal, Moss, Cobalt, Pineapple and Twilight!

So, the rules are as follows:

Open internationally, MUST be a public follower (new followers welcome!)
Only 1 entry per person, if you enter multiple times, all entries are disqualified
1 automatic entry for your GFC name (must be public so I can see you) and email
then additional entries as follows:
+1 for "liking" Life and Polish on facebook, please leave your facebook name
+1 for telling me what you like about the blog/what parts you enjoy
+1 for telling me if there is something I can improve/something you don't like!

The giveaway will end August 4th, Midnight my time ( central time)
The winner has 48 hours from my email to answer!

Good luck & thanks for supporting Life and Polish!

***NOW CLOSED*** Thanks to everyone who entered!

Happy Thursday

Good morning everyone! I hope you're all having a fantastic thursday! Why am I so happy?
Today is my 6 month blogoversary! I am sooo happy. I don't think you all understand what this milestone means to me! 
I started blogging in January and the first month and a half I panicked every day: "What if they don't like me?" "What if they don't like my writing or my nails? Or my photos? What if no one will read it? How long can I keep this up?"

I am proud to say that all those anxieties have basically disappeared, and all of my lovely followers definitely help my blogging esteem. I love you all so much.

So because I am so happy I decided to wear Nfu Oh 65 on my nails, a lemming that I recently conquered after seeing it on Michele's blog, I KNEW I had to have it. So I patiently waited for it to come back in stock on FabulousStreet, and when it did, I snapped it up and I am so happy!

I got a little picture happy-crazy, so sorry guys!

SEE. Look at that holographic-ness. BAH. I'm drooling...It's awesome. This time, I tried using a matte topcoat as a basecoat, and it made my manicure last a bit more than usual, which is awesome because the Nfu Oh holos are notoriously chip-prone :| but I don't care about that.

Thanks for sticking with me for 6 months and I hope you enjoyed today's post! I love you all! <3
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