Monday, June 20, 2011

Hard Candy Beetle

Hi lovelies! So today I have this awesome multichrome known as Hard Candy Beetle, something I was desperate to have but struggled to find since Canada doesn't sell Hard Candy nail polishes..why I don't know..but we don't.
So, the lovely Jasmine of  Colour Coated sent me a swap package a while back, and in it was this beauty.It is also a dupe for both MAC Mean and Green and Orly Space Cadet, so that satisfies those two lemmings..(for now maybe). I love me a good multichrome and this one is particularly pretty. I was staring at naked nails waiting and trying to decide what to wear and it struck me, DUH..this beauty of a polish.

So, this a little picture heavy, but I had to show you how many colours this flashes!

See the green/gold peeking out in the sun

In the shade you can see the multiple colours it flashes

The cute ring that comes on the polishes 

I'm happy to say my nails are slowly coming back from their nubbin state, and are getting back to where I like them, thank GOD. So any of you lovelies have this polish or the many dupes? I wish I had more access to hard candy but oh well, the price I pay for living in Canada! Thanks for reading lovelies and have an awesome day! Hope to talk to you all in the comments <3


  1. I have this and love it; I like to put it on over a dark purple, blue, or green; doing so gives it just that little something extra. It is one of my favorites! And thanks to the high shelf the HC polishes are on in my Walmart, and the fact that this one is all the way on the end and you can't really see it, they always have some.

  2. the colour sure does remind me of a beetle too lol
    and ya everytime i see hard candy in canada, there are cosmetics but no nail polish!!!

  3. Stunning polish! All those colours... *drools*

  4. This is SO pretty! There can not be TOO much pictures of this one :).

  5. I have Orly Space Cadet along with the rest of the Cosmic FX collection. I love the ring!! So cute! I don't think I've ever seen Hard Candy polish myself.

  6. I have this one! It's so pretty on you and yes...the ring! LOL!

  7. I love it! I have Space Cadet by Orly and it's one of my favorites. ^_^

  8. Amazing color! I was trying to remember where there was a Hard Candy counter here because I knew I'd seen one and tried on polishes years ago, but unfortunately have just remembered that it was on the main floor of Eatons department store here in Montreal, now defunct of course. :(


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