Monday, January 31, 2011

Double Post

Ok, this is short buttttttt I really need to share with all of you my happiness at the colour on my toes! I got a pedicure on saturday with my mom before she left for Mexico, and the pedicure its self sucked (I went to a cheapie place, and they buffed/filed my heel where I had a blister, so it is raw and sore), but the colour I picked..OMG. China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy. I NEEEEEED a bottle of this...and probably the whole poolside collection. But this colour in particular, NEED NEED NEED. I don't know if they sell it at Sally Beauty, I didn't look but if not..I don't know, I'll figure it out. SO, I put up some pics...if you don't like feet...wellllll skip the photos then.

Yeah, I know it's close-up..but c'mon, LOOK at the neon! LOVE

This pic TOTALLY lies. It is neon. NEON I tell you.
Yeah, I am a little obsessed, I probably think I am insane, because it's not summer time and they are neon. I love love love it..and allll day saturday and yesterday/this morning I smiled every time I looked at my toes. It's so bright that without my glasses (I am near-sighted) I can appreciate the colour. LOVE.

Ok, thanks for reading about my new obsession haha!

Haul & China Glaze Dorothy Who

Ok, So i went a little crazy on friday, and I bought a lot of nail polish (well a lot by my standards), but we had gone into walmart, and it was all so inexpensive, so I couldn't pass it up! we go!
Sally Hansen Blue It, China Glaze Dorothy Who & Revlon Royal

China Glaze In The LimeLight, Milani Green Glow, Sally Hansen Green With Envy, Revlon Minted, and Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow

Wet N' Wild Metallica, Wet N' Wild Black Creme, Sally Hansen White On
Milani Disco Lights, China Glaze Coconut Kiss

I also bought Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Going Grape, but for some reason I forgot to take a picture. In addition to these, I bought a 3 pack of Kiss striper polishes in black, white and silver sparkles, a dotting/detailing tool, a HUGE bottle of acetone andddddddd Seche Vite...which I don't know how I lived with out it now that I have used it.
So, onto some pictures. Obviously I am a bit of a magpie, so I put on Dorthy Who..and attempted some detail on my thumb with the striper polishes...I'll let you judge how well it worked out...
This was 3 coats of Dorothy Who

See how sparkly?!

Yeah...not the world's best design...
I loved Dorothy Who, and putting it on was a breeze..even after 1 coat you could see how pretty it was. My design is really boring, and not very well done, because I didn't know what to do that wouldn't take away from Dorothy Who's sparkliness, and I suck at drawing. I didn't take a picture of my right thumb, because it wasn't the same. I definately need more practice. Also ew my thumb cuticle look really bad, sorry about that..I didn't realize. Anyways, I am going to use Dorothy Who on my nails so much, I can already tell. I love it!

P.S. I can't believe I have 11 followers, thank you guys so much! I don't even think I am that interesting yet, so I LOVE you all for sticking with me despite the fact that I'm so new! And again, thank you to Madison at for the shoutout!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Scotch Tape Manicure-First Attempt

 Ok, so after last post I told you about Chloe's Nails, I decided to attempt my first scotch tape manicure..and well I liked it! The pictures are kind of messy, because I didn't do any clean up, since I took the manicure off right after pictures. I still don't have a quick dry top coat, like Seche Vite (hopefully that changes tomorrow, I'm off to buy buy buy!), and I knew my nails wouldn't dry before I went to bed and I would just ruin them. Anyways..on to pictures! So I used Revlon Top Speed Stormy and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Lively Lilac

Before the taping began

Yay! I love it I think they're so pretty

Sorry, my thumb is messy

Ok, so what do you guys think? For a first attempt..not bad huh? It was really easy to do, so I think I am going to try some other designs and colours, as soon as I get some. I definately think that some glitter or holo polishes would be really dramatic!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My ever growing polish wish list..

I've been looking around at some sites getting inspiration for the many nail designs I want to attempt..but I haven't done any yet. But I will, I promise..I know this blog is probably really boring for all you right now but I swear I will make it better. The blog I was looking at today that inspired me is Chloe's Nails, look how easy her scotch tape manicures are! I'm definately trying one of those in the next few days. polish wish list, I should stop reading other people's blogs..because my list is growing astronomical..and these are ALL old polishes (except Justin Bieber collection), and this is not your drugstore brands (i.e. Sally, Covergirl, Maybelline..etc)
-Carrie Ann
-Charla (purchased)
-Astra (purchased)
-Roxy (purchased)

Finger Paints
-Holly Good Time

China Glaze
-Lubu Heels
-Jet Stream
-Solar Power
-Neon Blue Sparrow
-In Awe of Amber
-Pink Voltage
-Neon Purple Panic
-For Audrey
-Ruby Pumps
-White on White
-Neon in Lime Light
-Neon Celtic Sun
-Liquid Leather
-Coral Star
-Secret Periwinkle
-Watermelon Rind
-Tree Hugger
-Dorothy Who
-Lemon Fizz
-Re-Fresh Mint
-Grape Pop

-Cosmic FX Collection

-Burlesque Collection
-Mod About You
-Mad As A Hatter
-Fee Fi Fo Plum
-Shrek Collection
-Pooltime Lime
-DS Collection
-Bikini Envy
-Blue My Mind
-My Private Jet

-Going Incognito
-Playa del Platinum
-turquoise and caicos

-mean & green
-bad fairy

Hard Candy

American Apparel: Entire Collection

Nicole by OPI
-justin beiber collection's a lot... so as you can see, I haven't even made a dent in this wishlist, and the drugstore brand list is still growing...sigh. So many little money..especially when Zoya is $9.60 a bottle, and OPI is $12...ouch.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Zoya Layla

Ok, soooo time to show off my new Zoya. I don't know how well the pictures show the colour, because in certain lights I feel it looks different, but that's ok.

Indoors, artificial light

My camera did not like the artificial light

Indoors, natural light

Indoors, natural light

Outdoors, yay sun!

Ok, so 1) ignore my middle finger on the left hand, we had a little battle with dry skin..and my finger lost. It's healing, but I have the same thing on my two thumbs now.. :( and 2) my index and ring finger are all dented..probably because I don't have a good top coat, I'm just using a Revlon top coat/base coat combo, and yeah..I really need to go to Sally's and get some Seche Vite. Anyways, I really like this colour, although when I first looked at the bottle I though it was a brighter pink (that would be where a spoon would be handy if Zoya shipped to Canada), but regardless it's a great bright pink, I just thought it was more highlighter coloured. I definately will use this in the summer on my toes FOR SURE.

So in the next week, hopefully I'll have gone to Sally's to get some nail art supplies, maybe some China Glaze, and a better top coat, so my posts won't JUST be nail colours..I'll also try to swatch some of the current colours I have and take a picture of my starting stash, although they are all really old and boring, but maybe I'll do it for fun just to show you what I used to buy before the obsession kicked in!

Thanks for reading!

*Edit* Also, I have entered a giveaway, by Polishaholic, for her 1000 followers goal, and seriously, awesome haul if you win it, so check it out! I totally hope I win a giveaway one of these days, because alot of them include some polish brand that you can't/are hard to get in Canada!

Sephora for OPI Leaf Him At The Altar

So, like I mentioned before, I had recently just picked up some SOPI polishes, my first EVER. I don't know if I'll ever buy them again, to be honest, not because they aren't nice, but because they are SO expensive here in Canada..I think I paid $14 a bottle (maybe 12..but still), and they're just ok, in my opinion. I didn't think they had anything fantastic, and I'd rather buy regular OPI for $12. Anyways, my pictures are also not the greatest, because I'm not amazing with my camera, and I don't have any sunlight pictures, but I think the colour is pretty true without being in sunlight

At first I wasn't sure if I loved the finish, because it seemed a bit more frosted glitter, but then the next day in the sun, it changed my mind. I really liked the colour after all, and in the sunlight the sparkly finish was really foil like, and gorgeous. I do like green, and I definately will use this more.

I still need to expand my collection, and get in some solid basic colours, since I mostly have bright pinks (most cremes), a few dark/navy blues, and dark purples, so these new zoya's & SOPI's really brighten up my collection, but I don't have a real black, white, light blue/medium/royal blue, light purples, bright purple, silver, gold, green...I could go on..but I'll stop.

Anyways, thanks for reading!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Real Nails

Left Hand (Sorry, these pics make it look like my nails are dirty, I swear they aren't!)

Left Thumb

Right Hand

Right Thumb
Ok, so these are my natural nails, so far they are pretty short because...well...I used to bite my nails and now I tend to pick at them, which weakens them and etc. Also, this summer I had acrylics on my nails for about 5 days, and because of the place I went to, they drilled/filed my nails wayyy down, so growing them out/growing out my nail ridge took basically until Christmas.

So, right now I have one of my new zoya polishes on my nails, but I'll put up pics about it another day, I want to see how long it lasts.

But, here are some pictures of the zoya & sephora for OPI polishes I got:
Caliente Coral

Leaf Him at the Altar

Mermaid to Order





Ok, so sorry this post seems sooo long, but I guess I had a lot to say. Also, I know everyone else LOVES charla, and c'mon, look at that bottle! I'm so excited to put it on my nails!


Where to begin...

Well, how about a little about myself. I am a fourth year University student in Ontario, and I plan to be a high school English/French teacher, and I'll be going to teacher's college next fall after I graduate (where I go is still being decided, as applications were handed in back in December, and acceptances aren't until April!). I'm a triplet, (a brother & sister), I have a younger brother, and a dog, which also fuels my obsession with dogs, I'm a huge dog lover, and basically any dog is cute in my eyes.

Over the last two months I have gotten sucked into the world of nail polish blogs and nail art. Now, up until now, I wouldn't have considered the idea that I LOVED nail polish, but I enjoyed it, and used it pretty frequently. I mainly used it to cover up my short nails/to make them grow because I bit them quite often. I also enjoy getting the occasional manicure/pedicure, but I never really attempted too much on myself, especially nail art wise, because I am not an artistic person. However, after reading many blogs, including the daily nail, which have amazingly talented nail artists, I was sucked in. Now I'm attempting to keep my bank account in check, since I'm still a University student.

SO, hopefully this week I will put up some pictures, however, I don't have too many nail polishes in my collection, since until recently I only purchased them randomly, however, after reading two months worth of nail polish blogs, I have an ENORMOUS list of polish I want. I recently bought my first Zoya's, Layla, Roxy, Astra and Charla, so those will probably be the first I take pictures of. I'll also put up some pictures of my natural nails, since I'm trying to grow them out longer to be a better canvas for nail art.

Anyways, I hope some of you will enjoy my blog posts, and feel free to leave me comments!
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